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Has the R&D Bubble Burst?

Has the R&D bubble burst? Photo of bubbles

There’s been a lot of talk online about whether the R&D bubble has burst, so we’re continuing the conversation in our latest blog.

RDI Has Gone Bust. What Do I Do?

Close-up empty office reflecting that RDI has gone bust

Picture this: You’ve been relying on RDI Solutions, or any R&D tax credits advisory firm, to support your latest R&D project. They’ve been instrumental in your research and development claim by submitting it on your behalf.

But RDI has gone bust. What’s your next move? In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps to take if your trusted R&D tax credits advisor hits a rough patch, leaving your finances and potential refunds from HMRC in limbo.

Are You Ready For the New R&D Scheme?

Recent months have felt tumultuous across the R&D world, from the sudden closure of large advisor firms to procedural changes being introduced. Following the spring budget and the long-term anticipation for the merging of the SME and RDEC scheme, the changes can be felt across UK businesses and have brought alongside them a growing sense of concern. We’re here to help ground your understanding of the current landscape, and assist in navigating these legislative changes.