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We are proud to announce our new R&D tax credit report writing subscription service. This new service is designed to help businesses and their clients save time and money by having written reports. The reports are written by experts with experience in this area of law, enabling our clients to benefit from the latest developments in research and development tax credits.

The reports can be used to support businesses’ claims for research and development tax credits and help them prepare for a potential investigation. They also ensure that companies are aware of changes in the law, so they can take appropriate action to ensure they are not at risk of an HMRC investigation or penalties.

Compliance Director Arron Rodwell takes you through our new R&D Tax Credit Report Writing Service.

How We Can Help

Detailed and Accurate Reports

The R&D incentive can make a huge difference to the future of your business. Unfortunately, getting it right is very difficult and takes a lot of time, stress and money. The process is also highly regulated by a number of rules and regulations that are subject to change at any given time.

Kirby & Haslam can help keep things simple for you. Our report subscription service will guide you through every step of the way – with clarity, simplicity and accuracy – so that you don’t have to worry about all the complexities or missing out from claiming what is rightfully yours by law.

With our new service, your reports will always be at the forefront of the latest regulatory changes therefore your reports will always be the best that they possibly can be.


Why Our Report Writing Service


HMRC Approved Reports

All the Research & Development reports submitted have been reviewed and  accepted by HMRC.


Highly Skilled Team

With our new service you will gain access and support from our experienced in-house compliance & legal team.


Compliance Support

We will offer your team access to our specialist compliance team, enabling you to make your claim as watertight as possible.


Industry Knowledge

With over 20 years of experience in accountancy and R&D claims, we can offer unparalleled support to your business.


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Not only is it our 20 years of experience in the sector, but we also have the technical expertise to carry out these assessments and build these technical R&D reports, we will also be able to establish exactly what in your project is claimable making the process as smooth as possible.


The Summary Report

To refocus on UK-based innovation and combat false claims, the UK Government published reforms to the current R&D Tax Credits scheme on July 20, 2022. Although the proposed amendments have not yet become law, we anticipate they will apply to claims for accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 2023.

We at Kirby & Haslam are specialists in creating reports for R&D claims; we assist accounting firms and R&D companies with their R&D tax credit reports.

Any claims made after the 1st April 2023 now require a summary report at the point of submission. A summary report is a written narrative that will describe your projects, uncertainties you have tried to solve and a description of your business as well as a financial breakdown of your claim.

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Subscription Plan Options


/ Package


Access to a custom report writing template that you can use for your current and future clients.

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/ Package


Access to the silver plan, as well as compliance checks and a discount on any future reports.

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/ Package


Access to both the benefits of the silver and gold package, as well as one tribunal per year.

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Customer Review

I had put in an R&D claim and thought everything with it was hunky dory as the money landed straight in my account. But, then HMRC sent me a letter saying I was going to have a compliance check. I was in a real panic, but I was recommended to talk to Kirby & Haslam – they went through all my paperwork with such detail and resubmitted it. After a bit of back and forth all was approved with HMRC and I get to keep my money! They were so helpful, and I am so grateful. I’ll go straight to them to read through my claim before submitting it next time!

John Smith


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Whether you’re intending to submit a report or have been sent an enquiry letter, wherever you are in your R&D claim, our expert team of R&D report writers and legal advisors are here to assist.

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